We know that the process of developing one’s own
business is unique.
We’re going through it ourselves. Our aim is to
create the best agency.
The foundation of our business is our clients’
success. The rest are tools.

Any business has got history
Some become legends, others vanish.
Your history’s being written today.
Your time’s here and now.
You’re a professional and you’ve got a great business.
We’ll make it a Brand. Give it a Name.
We’ll create a new legend.
Who knows what design is? And who actually needs this ‘design’?
Everything requires sense, comfort and efficiency.
Design must sell. Clear, smart, simple. Innovative, practically feasible.
We’ve been satiated with the abundance of choice. Give us quality!
Everyone’s become an aesthete.
We take it into account.
You’re limited with walls and working hours.
It’s impossible to see every client in a day.
Mobile application is a new standard of business development.
Your offer is already in your client’s pocket.
A web-site is a sales office in every computer, in every tablet.
There’s no queue! Your sales grow.
You manage your business in any conditions.
Technologies created by us are enough.
No one knows about runners-up.
Would you do something significant if no one knew about it?
The result must have a taste of triumph.
Leadership pays. Authority matters.
You’ll have your own unique algorithm of victory.
We’ll calculate every step. Note it down: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
You know everything about your client. Gender, age, locations, interests. He’s yours.
You want to be number one? Let’s be up to a high standard.

Brand concept
Corporate identity

Graphic design
Mobile application design

Mobile application
On-line business management system

On-line advertising
Search engine optimization

Our latest projects
Site for security company «Viking»

We have created a new visual identity for security company Viking . Design was embodied in the bright, full colors, using a series of special illustrations.
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Site for event agency ARTEG

Site for event marketing agency ARTEG. Parallax on the main. Elements of corporate style in the chart. Collages based on photographs of employees and unique hand-drawn elements. Simple interface.
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Design of the ‘bank on-line’ system for «Neiva» bank

Redesigning of the bank product ‘Bank on-line’. Adaptive design. Improving of the user’s behaviour scenario. Update of the colour scheme and graphics.
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